Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Try it Tuesday: Grilled Tilapia and Mango Salsa

I love trying new recipes!  This is one of my new favorites.  The salsa is awesome all on its own! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Songs: Calling Edition- Don Henley/Stevie Wonder

Sunday Songs is back!  Here's my take on two telephone reliant songs.

SAD: Don Henley- Heart of the Matter

I had totally forgotten (or was completely ignorant of the fact) that Don Henley had long hair!  And, yes, another Don Henley song.  

This is the most mature break up song ever.  I guess it doesn't hurt that "an old, true friend" is calling on the phone.  That doesn't exactly make the whole thing sound as if it's about a teenager.  I guess this would be more of a divorce song?  

If this is a divorce song, then I'm going to imagine it being perfect for a woman wearing brown stir- up pants coming home from work (where she makes telemarketing calls regarding Reader's Digest) after being served with divorce papers.  

HAPPY: Stevie Wonder- I Just Called to Say I Love You

There's no arguing with the fact that this is a happy song.  Especially since it sounds like Stevie sings "No Lee Press-Ons, No Halloween."  Did anyone else ever used to always see solitary Lee Press-On nails in bathroom stalls all the time in the '80s?  Years later, it is just now occurring to me how they fell off in the first place.  

To me, this song will always remind me of the Girl Scout Convention.  While we were waiting for the main program to start, there was a man that was performing the song in sign language.  I was probably in first grade and I distinctly remember asking my mom if that was the guy that really sang the song (I would not have been able to identify Stevie Wonder by name).  Alas, the warm up act at the Virginia Girl Scout Convention was not really Stevie Wonder.

Next week, I'm going to be trying a new format for Sunday Songs.  I'm excited! :)