Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Indomitable Animal Spirit: Baks and Buttons/ Zak and Lilli

If there's one thing I love, it's an animal story with a happy ending!  I'm generally not one to gush, but this type of story gets me every time.  Thus, my first feature is born.  Behold!  It's the Indomitable Animal Spirit!

                                                            Baks and Buttons

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Poor Baks the dog was blinded in an accident last year.  It sounds like a completely depressing story, until you hear that his awesome goose friend, Buttons, has become a guide for him. Buttons leads Baks by guiding him with touch or by honking.  The article says they are even "chasing the postman" together!

                                                         Bonus Story:  Zak and Lilli

(These two precious pooches were featured in the links for the previous story and I had to include them, too!)

                                                     Image/ Story via

Zak and Lilli are two dogs up for adoption in England.  These two are such a sweet pair!  Zak lost his sight and Lilli has learned how to guide him by always staying with him.  The article seems to have been written to find a new home for Zak and Lilli, but I really doubt they'll have a problem finding one once their story gets out! 

Sorry, I warned you about the gushing! :)

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