Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Songs: Glen Campbell Edition

SAD/HAPPY: Glen Campbell- Wichita Lineman

This week had to be all Glen Campbell after I read that he is suffering from Alzheimer's and is planning a farewell tour.  I'm sure this is a nearly impossible time for him and his family, but I'm so glad that he's got the opportunity to fulfill his wish of touring one more time.

"Wichita Lineman" is a song with such potent, lovesick lyrics and timeless music that it's sort of eerie.  It was the best thing from a documentary that my husband and I watched about five years ago.  I may have heard it before that point, but during the movie it gripped me instantly and we scoured the credits to find out who sang it.  Clearly, this viewing pre-dated the shazam app.

It's a song that will always be a classic.

HAPPY: Glen Campbell- Rhinestone Cowboy

If a "rhinestone cowboy, riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo" doesn't automatically classify something as happy, I don't know what would.  

This song is like the country version of "Fame."  The lyric about how he will be "getting cards and letters from people he doesn't even know" really makes me smile.  An era before you could just become someone's fan on facebook to try and reach them seems so long ago, even though technology was something that has changed drastically within my own lifetime.  (Thankfully, computers have advanced a bit though so I'm not just still playing as the Von Schmidt Family on a version of Double Dare you had to run using a DOS command.  Nothing translated to a computer game worse than Double Dare.)

It's a message that can apply to everyone- things may be hard sometimes, but they'll get much, much better.

I hope that Glen Campbell's last recordings and tour are everything he needs and wants.

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