Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wants: Threadless/Society 6

I ultimately couldn't decide between these two things, so here are two Wednesday Wants!

First up is this awesome t-shirt from Threadless.

(Photo via Threadless)

Okay, so obviously this is not a picture of a t-shirt, but I'm sure you can imagine it on a t-shirt.  Visualization Hint: the t-shirt is off-white.

Totally Random Story:
This t-shirt resonates with me for a very specific reason.  Many years ago, my sister and I used to go and play with a friend, whom we'll call Tina, when my mom was taking classes for her Master's Degree.  One day, I decided I wanted my sister and Tina to be horses, while I played the unicorn.  They were supposed to catch me and try and turn me into a horse.  Unfortunately for them, I was determined to remain a unicorn.  After I escaped capture for the sixth time, Tina got very irritated and started calling me "bossy."  This turned into an argument, which resulted in my sister and I not getting awarded the McDonald's Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers Happy Meal toys we had been promised if we didn't fight at Tina's house.

(I would like the shirt even more if the unicorn was telling the horses to "suck it!")

Anyway, cool shirt!

(Photo via Society 6)

Here's the other item I just couldn't resist today.  After upgrading my phone (and losing the possibility of using my beloved smiling food case), I've been using a plain black case.  I hadn't really been on the lookout for something else until this caught my eye.

I'm a sucker for smiling inanimate objects hanging out together, what can I say?

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