Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Songs: Laura Branigan and 50th Post Celebration Edition

Today's Sunday Songs is not only the Laura Branigan edition by special request, but my 50th blog post!

SAD: Laura Branigan- Gloria

I'm so confused about this one.  Laura Branigan is presenting this is such a gleeful manner and the words are so...something.  Saying "I think they got your number, I think they got the alias that you've been livin' under" seems to be a classier way to call someone trash. Laura seems to think that Gloria is a desperate woman who needs to learn to value herself.  She also suggests that Gloria hears voices and is "headed for a breakdown" . . . and she does it in such a happy way!  Gloria must totally be her enemy. 

I'm sure quite some time ago as a little kid that didn't understand lyrics, I may have danced around to this song while getting ready for Halloween or something.  It has such a happy tone and Laura is wearing such a happy sequiny thing, but it is so,so sad.

HAPPY: Laura Branigan- Self Control

Laura Branigan sure has a funny way of showing her emotions.  Above she happily tears into poor, trashy Gloria and here she is all morose about being in love with someone.  Confusion reigns!

Speaking of confusion reigning, have you seen this video?!  There is no other way to describe it other than "absolutely insane."  There's some kind of masked swingers dance club with an aluminum foil floor and that's one of the least weird things. 

I think this song is happy because it reminds me of a time where all the clothes in the front of DEB were hung on these weird chains made of rings that hung from the ceiling.  It was like walking through a forest of '80s fashion.  If we're talking about something that could have actually happened while I heard this song, then I could have been hiding under one of the racks of stir-up pants in the back with my sister. 

With this particular selection, I prefer to imagine that this is a song that the DEB salesgirl liked to listen to as she counted the lace headbands in preparation for inventory at closing time on a Thursday night in November.  She's thinking about some guy she likes that she met at a bar while the theme from "St. Elmo's Fire" was playing, and that song could make anyone get carried away with their feelings.  She's going to go home and call him from the princess phone underneath her "Electric Youth" poster and on top of her black and mirrored laquer  light wood wicker nightstand. Maybe they can get an Orange Julius on her break tomorrow night.

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