Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Songs: Vaguely July 4th-related Edition

These songs aren't directly about America or July 4th, but they do reflect what I define as profoundly "American" songs.  So, like I said, this is a vaguely July 4th-related edition.  I did my best! :)

SAD: John Denver- Country Roads

Even before John Denver died, this song always made me sad.  When I was little, it made adulthood sound so scary.  You weren't near your home anymore, which was "where you belonged." 

The reason I find this song patriotic is that John Denver was someone who loved and was really proud of his home.  Even though he was away doing famous person stuff, he still just wanted to get back to his roots after he was done exploring the rest of the country.

Fortunately, there is some happy news even though this is the sad song section!  If Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are playing "Country Roads," it suddenly becomes a lot happier!  It's a July 4th happy bonus!

                                               HAPPY: Bruce Springsteen- Born to Run

Now this is my idea of a patriotic song!

Sure, this song is pretty negative about Bruce's (or the narrator's) hometown, but there's a lot of hope about being able to find someplace new where they can "walk in the sun."  That's important stuff!  It's important to "guard your dreams and visions" and try to find happiness.  

The excitement that comes over me every time I hear this song could only mean that it's happy!

Happy July 4th!  Be careful with those fireworks! :)

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