Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Songs: Richard Marx/Baltimora

This week's grouping is random for sure, but also enjoyable.

SAD: Richard Marx- Right Here Waiting

My most vivid memory of Richard Marx is how I seemed to be the only person in my 4th grade class who even knew he existed.  We were at some kind of assembly, and I mentioned this very song and the girls I was sitting with (who could be be described as my frenemies for the school year) acted as though he was my imaginary friend.  I was never the type to have an imaginary friend (or even use a different name during games), but if I was, I would NOT have created Richard Marx.  For one thing, he must have been at least 26 by that point.  Also, he always seems so depressed!  

Maybe he and Bonnie Raitt should have gotten together . . . on second thought, Bonnie was way too realistic for him.  At least she knows she can't make someone love her if they don't and can't make their heart beat something it won't.

This is the kind of song that will forever be playing on Delilah's radio show.  If you don't have the pleasure of having Delilah broadcasting in your area, you may have someone else that hosts a show where people can call in and talk about how tonight is their 11th wedding anniversary and request a special song be played for their lady.  Then Delilah will play "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.  

It should be completely obvious by this point that this song is nothing but sad.

(I just have to mention that the site that I referenced the lyrics on for this song says that almost 600,000 people have used the site to read these lyrics in little over a year.  Yeah, that sounds totally accurate.)

HAPPY: Baltimora- Tarzan Boy

By contrast, this song isn't anything but happy!  I can't really remember hearing it when it came out, though I am sure I did.  Perhaps I heard it on my one lone visit to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party as I wiped the pooled grease off of my pizza or first heard the Pop Rocks and Coke myth from someone's older sister.  It is nothing if not the sort of song that will make children go crazy and jump up and down.  It would be the perfect soundtrack for a toy run:

I have a lot of residual jealousy towards this kid.

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