Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Try it Tuesday: Martha Stewart's Key Lime Pie

I've been experimenting a lot with food lately, so it's only fitting that those recipes trickle into Try it Tuesday!

I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart's recipes, so I was excited when a friend who was visiting last weekend chose key lime pie as his belated birthday cake.

It was a learning experience.  I had certainly eaten key lime pie before, but I didn't stop to consider that key limes are actually a different kind of lime.  Tiny, tiny limes!  

  Testing my hand strength by attempting to get a half a cup of lime juice out of these guys has prompted me to look for one of those manual juicers!

Do yourself a favor if you try this recipe and grate the lime zest before you cut up the limes and squeeze all the juice out!  It's not very easy to get grated lime zest from a squished up pile of lime bits.

Yes, I cheated and used a pre-made pie crust.  Shhh!  Don't tell Martha!

This pie was a huge hit!  Once I get that juicing apparatus I will have to make it again!

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