Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Songs: TV Theme Song Edition: Family Ties/Perfect Strangers

This week's sad and happy songs/ memories come from TV theme songs!

SAD: Family Ties Theme

Few shows confused me more than "Family Ties."   It made me terribly uncomfortable after the episode where the mom and dad were in some play and the mom had to kiss a stranger.  I could be wrong, but I also seem to remember that she was fighting an attraction to this co-star.  Also, someone was wearing an awful leather jacket with fringe on it in the play.  Troubling!

Anyway, this song just seems so depressing . . . like they all just had a big fight and now they've decided they may as well make up.  I know Michael J. Fox was a huge heartthrob during this time, but it always seemed more like a show for adults.  I much preferred the show that goes along with this week's happy song!

HAPPY: Perfect Strangers Theme Song

It's so strange that a show about two grown men would have a theme song all about following your dreams!  

"Perfect Strangers" was the original T.G.I.F. headliner (for my age group), and my sister and I were totally devoted to anything playing on that station between 8 and 10pm (and sometimes even 20/20).  Larry and Balki had such hilarious slapstick antics that always cracked me up.  My favorite episode is when they promised to stay on this deodorant billboard until the Chicago Bulls won a game.  (Here's part one if you're curious!)

Sad theme songs are not my cup of tea.  They should all take notes from "Perfect Strangers!"

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