Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Songs: Hurricane Irene Edition- Eurythmics/

I hope everyone along in Irene's path is safe and has power today!  I'm grateful that some of my favorite beaches have survived!  Today's theme for Sunday Songs has to be hurricane related.  Here's my take on two rain related songs.

SAD: Eurythmics- Here Comes the Rain Again

I'm curious if other children found Annie Lenox as terrifying as I did.  In an era where plenty of music sounds like it's coming from a spaceship, the Eurythmics still sounded otherworldly.  Not to mention the fact that she's the creepier of the two people in this video, and the other one is clearly a crazed stalker with a video camera.

To me, this song is about not getting what you want and need from the object of your affection.  I'm thinking the rain could be a symbol for sadness, or even madness (we are talking about an Annie Lenox song/video here).  Whatever it is, it keeps sweeping in like a storm.

The most appropriate way to hear this song would be coming out of your clock radio as it wakes you up for the first day of 6th grade.  It's still dark outside and you're worried about opening your locker.  Hearing Annie Lenox isn't helping.

HAPPY: Johnny Nash- I Can See Clearly Now

I have never seen leather and cheerios in quite this combination before.

This song doesn't need much analysis.  "Sunshiney"=happy.  I cannot immediately think of any particular nostalgic movie starring children and narrated by Tom Hanks that had this on the soundtrack, but there have to be at least three.  Speaking of that type of movie, Bobby (below, left) from "Radio Flyer" has to have been one of the most adorable children ever.

(Photo via Unreality Magazine)

While I was looking for that picture, I read the disturbing theory that Bobby actually dies at the end of "Radio Flyer!"  The director says that's not the case, but I can see the basis of the theory.

Ahem, anyway, there are not many scenarios where hearing this song would be inappropriate.  I guess you wouldn't want to hear it if you were being stalked by a madman (or The Eurythmics) and this is your ringtone, ringing and thus alerting him/her/them to your exact location.  Ugh.

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