Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Wants: 21 Jump Street DVD set

Wednesday Wants is getting kind of wacky.  First that personal air conditioner post made "mind control device" one of the most popular search terms used to find this blog, and now I am going to talk about my love of "21 Jump Street."

  I was never allowed to watch this show (or much else on FOX) when it was actually being broadcast.  I  do remember the commercials for this and for "A Current Affair" and they kind of scared me.  I guess I understood the word "affair" well enough to know that it wasn't something for children, even though I don't even know what they discussed.  "21 Jump Street" commercials were always so serious.  "Tonight, on a very special episode of '21 Jump Street"....

Imagine my surprise when my husband and I bought a DVD for $1.99 and found that the show is hilarious (though perhaps not on purpose)!  If you haven't seen it, you should really give it a try.  Do it for Doug Penhall.

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