Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Songs: Wilson Phillips Edition

The Wilson Phillips Edition: it was bound to happen sooner or later.  Here's my take on two songs from either end of the emotional spectrum.

SAD: Wilson Phillips- You're in Love

First of all, NEVER say on your answering machine that you're leaving town for several months.  Hello, looters and squatters!

Also, why is it that I have virtually no idea about the identity of the member of this band is who is not Chynna Phillips or Carnie Wilson?  I think she's a Wilson, but beyond that she's a mystery.  She's like the lost member.

Anyway, this song is clearly sad.  Wilson Phillips are having to let go of someone they loved, but are glad that the person has found true happiness.  What a Wilson Phillips way to approach the situation!  I really can't think of anyone else that could so selflessly give up their old flame and be happy for them than a group of young women who are always wearing brown and singing in the Grand Canyon.

This was/is a song for working at Dress Barn (my first instinct was DEB, but I always say that) after school at around 5:15.  You're stocking a bunch of blouses that have buttons on the front, but don't actually come unbuttoned.  Your thoughts are alternating between how weird it feels to be graduating this year and the person you used to date/dreamed of dating.  On your break, you'll slowly walk to the food court and spend way too much at Sbarro.  

HAPPY: Wilson Phillips- Hold On

This is a song for everyone; the depressed, the downtrodden, the mall walkers.  Seriously though, this song needs to be played much more often.  It needs to be played any time anyone is feeling melancholy (which means Wilson Phillips needs to listen to it right after they sing the song featured above).

Chynna Phillips' ferocious lip-sync here definitely represents the joyous nature of this song.  See also: Wilson Phillips stomping down the boardwalk in time to the music.  See also: Bridesmaids.

This is a song for driving to the nearest beach town after school (when it is still too cold to really enjoy the beach) and discussing your (unlikely) plans for the summer.  Or, you could use it to psych yourself up to overcome your agoraphobia.

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