Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Songs: Up/Down Edition- Nancy Sinatra/Tom Petty

Last week's Sunday Songs was half missing, but this week I managed to choose two videos!  Here's my interpretation of this week's sad and happy songs.

SAD: Tom Petty- "Free Falling"

This song always made me so depressed, and the video certainly never helped.

For one thing, the lyrics are pretty patronizing.  "Good girls" are mentioned several times, though the part about "loving horses and her boyfriend, too" is also particularly amusing.  It makes the woman he's talking about seem so naive.

The general tone seems to be a strong disinterest about life.  "I wanna free fall out into nothing, I wanna leave this world for a while."  Well, go ahead I guess.  Hopefully the "good girl" can find someone who's not a bad boy.

Also, the skateboarding outfit is really, really sad.

HAPPY: Nancy Sinatra- "Up, Up and Away"

I love this song.  I just love it.  It's pretty ridiculous and sounds like it was written for an episode of "Today's Special," but it's just such a happy song.

Being sixteen and getting your driver's license isn't even the kind of happiness this song contains.  I guess it would be similar to being a Care Bear and finding out you are getting a new cloud car or something.  It's like being one of Captain Planet's Planeteers and finding a very large group of what was considered to be an endangered species.  It's like winning on Nickelodeon GUTS and then taking a ride in Willy Wonka's flying elevator.  It's pretty good.


I'll be back soon with a Souvenir Stash post, Try It Tuesday and Wednesday Wants. :)

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