Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Songs: Sick Edition: Belinda Carlisle

I'm currently suffering from some kind of stomach virus, so it seemed only right to have a sick songs edition.  Sadly enough (I guess), there's little to choose from when it comes to songs about feeling physically sick.  We'll have to settle for a song about discomfort due to non-physical ailments.

HAPPY: Belinda Carlisle- I Get Weak

Despite the fact that this video could have been a contributing factor to those black and white photos with a pop of color (sorry, not a fan!), it is overwhelmingly happy.

The message is pretty clear, so this one doesn't need too much analysis of the lyrics.  The video isn't quite so straightforward.  I know she says that her "tongue is tied," but she doesn't really need a satin gag.  All that hair tousling reminds me of those haircut books at Hair Cuttery!

Wow, hold the phone!  I was just doing some research on the identity of the gentleman in this video and discovered that Diane Keaton directed this video.  REALLY?!  Why?

Anyway, the concept is cute in that it implies that Belinda finds herself extremely lucky to be with the guy.  When she is in the shots with him in the end, it's because she was sucked into some black and white screen idol world where the other ladies can't follow.

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