Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Songs: Bread/Next

SAD:  Bread- If

I have always loved Bread!  Bread was one of the cassettes we used to listen to on long car trips and I used to want to rewind "Diary" over and over again.  Ultimately, this song is a lot sadder since it paints a very convincing picture of the world ending.  Also, this may have been the tape that was playing when my puppy threw up on my face on one of those car trips.  Other than that, this makes me think of traveling in the dark.

(Apparently, everyone loves to cover this song on youtube, but all the videos with the original recording have been hit with copyright problems.  The above video is from a more recent concert, but you can find the real deal here in this (un-embedding) video.)

HAPPY: Next- Too Close

Songs with thinly veiled references that become huge radio hits crack me up every time!

(Apologies if these videos don't seem centered, etc...they don't respond to my edits.)


  1. You get bonus points if you remember when Wayne Arnold (butthead)sang this to his girlfriend, right before she broke up with him, on the Wonder Years. The Bread song I mean, of course.

  2. Oh, no! No bonus points for me! I will have to look it up on youtube though because it sounds AMAZING.