Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday Songs: Madonna Edition

SAD: Madonna- Take a Bow

This is another song that used to wake me up for middle school at a very dark time of the morning.  Of course, this is a great song, but no one wants to be awakened by music that could potentially make them cry!  Heady stuff for a sixth grader!

HAPPY: Madonna- Borderline

I know that the lyrics to this song are not especially positive, but it's always provided happy ambient noise for me at outlet malls, etc.

Can we talk about this video?  The plot is so convoluted!  Despite her boyfriend's better instincts, Madonna is lured away from her faux break dancing by a slick gentleman (hasn't she ever seen Fame?!).  She cheats on her boyfriend during a photoshoot, but still goes back to the billiards parlor to try and cuddle up to him.  Then she spray paints the photographer's car as her sign of rebellion and rejoins her boyfriend for billiards.  If we want to really analyze this, I think she's actually mad at herself for being charmed by his wealth!  And she's pushing her own love over the borderline, if you ask me!

Anyway, I still think this song is happy!

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