Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Songs: Strange Conceptions: Heart/Ace of Base

SAD: Heart- All I Wanna To Do Is Make Love To You

Maybe you've never really listened to the lyrics to this song, but it is super depressing and weird.  I don't have a specific memory of hearing this song, though I undoubtedly did in Rose's while I picked out my orange New Kids on the Block lunchbox.  Anyway, if you haven't paid close attention to the parts of the song that don't include the words "make love" (which confused me so much as a kid due to their various tricky uses in songs, i.e. Shelby Lynne's "What About the Love We Made), then you've probably been assuming this is a happy song.  

Alas, the narrator is a woman who sleeps with various hitchhiking drifters because she can't have a baby with her husband.  In the song, she describes picking up a hitchhiker and taking him to a hotel, which is a place she "knew well" (thus confirming that we are talking about drifters and not just a drifter) and gets pregnant.  She also leaves the random hitchhiker a note reading:

"I am the flower, you are the seed
We walked in the garden, we planted a tree
Don't try to find me, please don't you dare

Just live in my memory, you'll always be there"

Gross.  Anyway, some time in the future she accidentally comes across the kid's real father at an...oven repair store (?) and he's really upset and acts as though they were married once or something.  Thus, this song is SAD.

HAPPY: Ace of Base- All That She Wants

This week's happy song is also seemingly about having a baby.  I always wondered as a kid (most notably in the grocery store looking at R.L. Stine books at a stop in the way to a weekend vacation in Nags Head, NC) why the subject of this song needed "another baby."  That wording makes me think that she already has one baby.  Isn't that baby good enough for her?  Yet in this video, there is no baby, just someone living their "lonely life."  This song must suffer from some kind of translation issue.  "Baby" can certainly refer to a significant other rather than a child, but that doesn't make much sense either.  

Oh well, no Ace of Base song could be that sad.  That means this song must be HAPPY.

(My apologies for these videos attaching themselves to various strange spots.)

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