Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Try it Tuesday: Chickummyjigs

Welcome to my first "Try It Tuesday," where I will posting the results of my frequent attempts on various projects found on the internet, books, or any other applicable place!

This tutorial, the Chickummyjig, can be found at Myrtle & Eunice (which I found via Whip Up) if you'd like to try making one of your own.  I came across this tutorial a week before Easter and could not resist making five of my own for presents. 

Here is my flock before they joined new homes.  (The yellow one with the dark green eyes still lives with me!)

Since I was making five, I simplified the tutorial a bit and used felt for the wings in addition to the the feet and comb. 

I also used embroidery floss for the eyes instead of buttons.  I must confess that next time I will definitely be using buttons!

I really enjoyed this tutorial, not only for the super cute product, but for adding to my confidence in making stuffed toys.  It always seems so daunting until you get started! :)

Do you have any favorite tutorials?


  1. I have NEVER made FIVE of anything. I am utterly impressed. And they really work as a flock, I reckon. HOORAY!

  2. Thanks, Tania! I appreciate you checking them out! I have an interesting habit of trying things a gaggle at a time...not always the most calming way! :)